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Project Description
SmartProject is a web-based project management application with an emphasis on collaboration between the stakeholders. SmartProject strives to improve the efficiency of a project by making communication a key part of the workflow.

The following describes the 2 key features of SmartProject.


A lot of project management software in the martket today is only configurable up to a certain point. Because each Project Management Team has its own development methodology and practices, it can be hard to customize the project management software that fits nicely into what the team needs. SmartProject takes a different approach by allowing you to develop "plug-ins" into the web application. You can leverage the existing framework libaries to determine the business rules of your team and develop. However, if you simply need to get started and you are using SCRUM, then SmartProject already has a workflow built in it. Based on your future needs, you can customize SmartProject for your specific need.


The key piece of SmartProject is the message notification. When you create a new message for a work item, you can designated a user to be a recipient. What this does is that it allows another user to review comments you have for that work item. In addition, you can attach images or files to a note which makes it easy for another user to directly review your message.

To get started, please do the following:

  • Remove any old instance of the SmartProject database if you have it installed
  • Create a new database called SmartProject
  • Execute the latest db scripts found in SmartProjectCodePlex\trunk\MSSQLScripts and find the latest version of the SmartProjectMMDDYYYY.sql
  • Run the script Install_aspnet.bat file to install ASP.NET membership
  • Update the database link in the web.config file. Refer to the SmartProjectConnectionString under ConnectionStrings
  • Launch the solution and start running. You should be able to see the Setup Wizard. Complete the Wizard.
  • You are done!

*For the latest update-to-date instructions, you can also open the ReadMe.txt document found in SmartProject_CodePlex\trunk\.

As with all software, SmartProject is always in a works-in-progress state. Please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions for SmartProject.

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